Posted: August 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

Suddenly I became the center of distraction in my floor. Yeah you read it right. It was like as though there was a invisible centrifugal force emanating from me. There was not a soul that did not give me a stare. Consciously, I rechecked every picosecond if I had by any remote chance developed any horns.

Phew… It took me time to decipher their looks. It was a mix of emotions with no trace of smile. Their Faces, clouded with apprehension as though they had spotted a long extinct mammoth and mouths screwed up into a scowl and eyes pierced through me as though I had indulged in a barbarous act. I had not come across anyone’s dog so it cannot be the infamous animal rights activists who slaughter the homo sapiens without any humanity (Where the hell are the human rights activists)for calling a dog a “DOG” .

With great effort I tried ignoring all their wrath and looked straight into my PC. It was not long before I heard someone call out my name with a shudder that I failed to comprehend then.
To me, he was a saviour and the only one to have atleast tried communicating with me since morning. He approached me hesitantly. And before I could flash my smile of gratitude, he blurted out, “You are sneezing! Please don’t come to office since it may spread”. And he vansihed into thin air before I could protest.

Only then did I realize that I had been going through a sneezing fit from morning(Because of my early morning stint with cold water). And my unusual continous-never-ending sneezes had invoked all the wrath..
Siiiiigh………… I just suppressed my sneezes for rest of the day.

PS: This is the swine flu season when even a incidental sneeze can make everyone run for their dear life.

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