Posted: August 21, 2009 in Uncategorized

I had finished a small piece of blog and also had lost all my nails in the process. The result of my hour long struggle with my grey cells(if any) that hadn’t been used for ages. The [master]piece (eh!) was full of “…” …..Coherence was nowhere in sight and confusion littered in every word I had penned(or rather typed!) and please do forget pun and metaphor. Oh yeah! I had not run spell checker on it …(Spell checker deserves a post for itself.. Once I had run spellchecker on one of my mails and the notorious spell checker silently changed the name of my boss to that of a well known Russian revolutionist’s name). Anyway it was my creation and I smiled contently. A smile that closely resembled that of the proud scientists after a satellite launch… But lil did I care… It was my day n my first blog….And my cursor moved to the fancy orange commnad button “PUBLISH POST” And then whoooooooooooooosh………… Explorer crashed and that was the last glimpse I had of my long-cherished-short-lived to-be first post….

  1. maverick says:

    so sad..but good start though 🙂

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