Posted: September 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Its 10.00 AM.This is exactly the time when Im tugged out of my bed and forced to face the reality…
My day starts the same way every day. Ten bony fingers plunge at me mercilessly.They attack me randomly taking turns and from every other angle leaving me writhing in pain. Did anyone say Force = mass*acceleration?  Whoever had coined it just did not know my plight… I would say Force = (mood swing)*(acceleration).

If the kinetic energy used to wrench me had been directed to a turbine and generator, Im sure the whole facility where I live in can be provided with electricity. I long for the lunch breaks and the weekends when I can rest in my cozy corner. I plead, I cry, I whine but all my efforts go in vain. And when I resist to budge, a harder blow falls on my face.

I still remember the day I came into existence… Fresh as dew drop…. neatly packed… and desperate to get out of the the cover with dreams of being cradled by manicured hands…. Me and my friends chattered all through the night about those long and slender fingers, that would brush us all so gently….. And then one day I was unpacked and the sunlight cajoled my face.  I was about to cry in delight but then ouuuuuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….
And then started my nightmare!!!!!!

Waiting for a saviour,

PB:  This post for my friend in next cubicle to dissuade him from banging hard on the keyboard.
  1. looks like there are no first comments to ur refreshing posts. herez mine :)- ram

  2. nachu says:

    @ram: Thanks for the first comment :)Will show my gratitude in comments in ur posts 😉

  3. maverick says:

    mine is second 😛

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