Travails with my name!!!!

Posted: September 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

I read a post on this in a different blog and since I have one of the strangest names I felt kind of obliged to write on my name . This post would be terribly incomplete if I don’t tell you how I ended up with this name. The reason – the nomenclature followed by my community.
Every baby is named after their paternal grandparents. Now you will ask me “So what if a couple have more than 1 child? The nomenclature is defective”…. I can assure you that the nomenclature is a foolproof one. Once you have run out of  grandparent’s names then comes great grandparents names… siiiiiiiigh!!!!
My community would never be in need of all those baby names websites. And at any point of time a couple can easily name their next two generations!!!!
So, in short I ended up with a 18th century name.

I had all the troubles and nightmare with my name and in my own land. Sometimes people even question my nationality because of my name. *gasp*
And I would always know when my name is being called. I just have to scan the face of the person and over the years I have learnt what kind of confusion and facial expressions my name evokes and just wait for that. Then I would know for sure its my name and I just have to walk to the counter.

But my name has always given me the satisfaction of  it being unique. I guess there would only be a handful of people on globe with the same name. *grins*

And sometimes people try to be as polite as possible and ask me the meaning of my name. And then it woud be my turn to stare at the sky.. phew!!!!!!!!
But the question kept nagging me and finally one day I sought the help of my search engine which had never failed to appease me.  No luck!!!! Still undaunted and with hopes in my eyes, I did a search for my nick-name or rather my-half-official-name by which Im known mostly. And the very first result looked very promising. I was on cloud nine and was blinded in elation. Here on I could give the meaning of my nick-name atleast.  Atlast my browser opened the website and this is what I saw,

National Co-operative Housing Union (NACHU)

That was enough to pull me back to reality.

PS: If you are still wondering what I do when people ask the meaning of my name, I just give them a wicked grin and manage a straight face and  say my name would get a new definition from my life.  *guffaw*

PPS:  My community has now given up the nomenclature though some sporadic instances of using the nomenclature is still being reported.

PPS1: Hopefully it did not sound like a boring monolgue. I know its my blog but I want to others to read as well 😉 😛

  1. My sympathy's for your travails…(the vocab in the post seems as complex as u r sympathy's to the readers too!..)This song is dedicated to ur vains to make u feel better. ramakandra

  2. maverick says:

    I know dear how hard it is to pronounce your name LOL 🙂 But never mind the shorter form is sweet like you..BTW, are you preparing for GRE? complex vocab u follow dear 😉

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