Life isn’t binary

Posted: October 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

After 3 years of being on my own, all that I can say about LIFE is that it isn’t binary!!!!!
Or rather that is what I have learnt out of life…

But just think how life would have been had it been binary and really simple .. If all questions had just yes or no for an answer. If we could feel just a single emotion at a moment. If our feelings could be classified as just hatred and liking.

And above all if we just knew the definite course our life would take based on our actions.

Phew!!!!! Guess it would have been mega-boring!!!!

Don’t you think the confusion, fuzziness and uncertainity add spice to our life.

Waiit!! What if life had something like a b-tree with backtracking!!!
Where you can go back, retrospect and proceed as though nothing happened!!! Wouldn’t that be interesting!! Then Frost would have never written the famous “The Road Not Taken

Had God provided the backtracking feature, I would have gone back and chosen to become a historian and would have traced the lineage of Dravidians and Aryans!! Doesn’t that sound fancy!!

— To be continued

PS: Call this post as ramblings or rantings or ravings or whatever of a highly confused adult.


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