Where did all the money go!!!!

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

This question has been haunting me and my friends recently. The ever-dwindling bank account balance being the reason. So where did all the money go?

I just cant remember a moment when me and ofcourse my devilish friends had been content with the supply of our wardrobe. We were always in need. And anytime of the year(even within a week after shopping ;-)) our statement would only be “I dont have a new one”. It has always been a mystery which Im yet to comprehend.

Thanks to our lazy bones. We never took the pain to do all that. Investment is surely not in the list.

There had always been a plan to go to Goa. A plan to take a sabbatical and spend the winter in picturesque Shillong amidst the hills. And plans had always remained as plans that were never to be executed. By the way, that had never stopped us from further planning as well. Siiigh

Befor I move to the next one shouldn’t I remember my biweekly offerings to IRCTC. The sudden burgeoning of railways stands as a testimonial of my contributions (and ofcourse thanks to the wedding spree of some of  my friends as well :P).

Auto rickshaw??

This three wheeler has recently become the integral part of my life. And till date I have never ever been billed the same amount for the same route. And this makes the travel even more interesting. A guessing game and the sight of the never-dormant-ever-racing  all-time-beeping meter are all that I need to end a day.

So in short, when me and my friends lacked funds,the autowalas and the railways bloomed and flourished. And after we had allowed both railways and Autowallas to batten on us we were penalised for our selfless act in the name of TAX.

It may sound crazy, but dont you think people like us, who  because of our mindless and yet thoughtful acts bring a economic stability in the society should be given some tax waiver? πŸ˜€

  1. Neo says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Alok says:

    I sounds like my story too (except for the autorickshaw part)!!!!Tax waiver for people like us sounds like an excellent proposition. I guess it should be "tabled" in this winter Pariament session itself.

  3. maverick says:

    Girls…why do you want to save money?? Instead of thinking too much..use ur energy to find someone who will pay for all autowalas,and IRCTC for you permanently πŸ˜›

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