Posted: February 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

The title of this post is a palindrome i.e it reads the same forwards as it does backwards. Now that you have reread the title and validated my previous statement, so please do read on.

I accompanied some of my colleagues in office for a car delivery. The moment these men set their foot at the heavenly bride’s place, they ogled and ogled and ogled at the cars.  All of a sudden everyone wanted to checkout something or the other about the car. And thus they stared, drooled, flirted and what not. Me being the silent spectator of this sight  was seriously contemplating on the the fact that a red ribbon would have looked more glamorous suitable on the black glasses than the blue one that was used(couldn’t think of much other than that) . If boredom could kill, then I surely wouldn’t be alive now. I frowned, sulked, scowled and mumbled but hardly a soul took the hint.

Finally after giving up, I stepped aside distancing myself from the seduced crowd, in fear of being identified as one of the crazy mob. And that is when I spotted a guy (ahem! ahem!)sporting a  super-straight-almost-shoulder-length brown hair(By the way, whats wrong with the guys nowadays. They seem to have more mane than the gals!!!!! and that too with colored, permed, straightened, conditioned hair). At last, I was little relieved to find a saner person. He walked in with a air of arrogance. Alas! His arrogance vanished and his eyes gleamed with love and happiness of having found his lost love. He stood there in reverence, bowing down like a knight in front of the bride. And do you know what evoked such a reaction?


color: Ecru beige

I wonder what is there in a car that attracts the males so much. The one thing that unites these divided men on earth is their love for the four-wheeled-motor-vehicles. And believe me this love transcends age barrier as well. And the ever so elegant and charming ladies regard this as just yet another means of transportation.

  1. Alok says:

    You could have also ogled at Swift looking at it as a "groom" 😛

  2. maverick says:

    dear..cars to guys is like diamond to girls 😉

  3. lostworld says:

    Age no bar when it comes to love for gadgets & gizmos I tell you. My 2 yr old neighbour is car crazy and asks us to take us for rides everytime he spots us!! 🙂 I liked the way you wrote & the title is catchy too.

  4. Craze for car is same for both genders.

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