From the land of BMTC

Posted: May 7, 2011 in Rants, Travel
I was in the last part of my journey back home, not from war field, not from the land across the ocean, but from my office across the flyover packed with traffic and interspersed with signals.
The BMTC bus was almost empty for a change. Thanking my stars, I grabbed a seat and was ready to drift into my thoughts but just then a toddler caught my attention.
Cradled by the jerky movements and the lullaby of screeching brakes, he was sleeping blissfully with a smile etched across his face in his mothers lap.  what a sight!
He was clad in a thin shirt faded beyond recognition and painted in mud and the soles of his slipper worn off to a thin wafer and yet the sight of him, did not evoke any pity in me but a wave of tranquility.

After watching him contently for sometime, I threw a glance at his mother. raven eyes and long hair – a typical Indian women you would say but she surely was extraordinary. The red vermilion, the grit that glistened in her eyes, and her indomitable spirit that stood towering above the rest mocking even at her own destiny left me awestruck.
I just recovered in time to get down at my stop.

  1. V.C. says:

    Beauyiful and lively description…why dint you took a pic..would have made this even more lively

  2. nachu says:

    Thanks!!pic of the lady??!!! I should be happy that I was not caught staring at her!!!

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