Yikes!!! Yikes and more Yikes!!!

Posted: June 13, 2011 in Uncategorized
Though had always prided myself of belonging to the “better and sensible” sex, I used to envy  my male cousins for all the privileges they were granted. I had to pull my hair out and argue in vain for an hour and then resort to teary eyes at last, even for a evening stroll or a vist to a nearby panipuri stall with gulli friends whereby my male cousins just had to “inform” about going out.

And then I grew up, and one fine day which was “just” another day, in one of those art movies and in a very unexpected moment, a male public lavatory flashed on the screen. My reaction changed from surprise to shock. How on earth would one release the bladder held up for hours in a barely covered cubby hole with some stranger that close!!!! Yikees!

And that day it dawned on me, how blessed I was not to “use”  them and eventually my envy turned into pity!! 


I can never put in words the immense happiness and exotic feeling that strikes once I board that ever-zooming BMTC bus after a fanatical sprint. The very moment, everything looks hunk-dory, the world all of a sudden looks promising and exciting, and life feels so fair and just and I forget every other swearing word  used the whole day. And when I have tendered the exact change for my ticket and ready to sink into the blissful abyss, the conductor lashes out his tongue and coats his fingers lavishly with his saliva and hands out the ticket to me tightly gripped in those fingers!!!


When you are wearing a old pair of jeans faded beyond recognition and a sandal that you would be happy to ditch, walking in a water logged lane becomes a pleasure. I even start relishing the occasional splash of water from the street by the racing monsters on wheels.  And I forget myself  and all the pedestrian rules, and move closer to the walls bordering the road and that is the exact moment when even my insensitive nose picks up the whiff of urea ….. Yikes…

  1. Swati says:

    Awesome read! The barely covered cubby hole apart, I still envy the "darker" sex (haha what revenge for calling us the fairer sex 😉 have hardly any problems in emptying the bladder just anywhere and in the middle of nowhere, without having to "search" for public toilets!

  2. nachu says:

    Yaaaaa… I know…. they just got to find a wall or a tree or a bush or empty plot or just anywhere.. "darker sex" – nice one!!! 😀

  3. V.C. says:

    Awefsome..must say the topic was pleasantly surprising…You are totally correct in priding yourself for belonging to the "Better and sensible" sex as thats an universal truth. But you know what, at times its better to be insensible..specailly when it comes the context you have mentioned. For instance, You have mentioned holding up bladers for hours, we guys dont need to do that. As we are not "sensible" enough to look for a "palace" to take a leak. As you have said ur self we can get started any an everywhere 😉 and are least botherd with whos standing where. PS: in my office we hardaly go to the loo alone n belive me its one of the best time we get in office 😛

  4. Alok says:

    I never thought this topic will be such a hit across both the fair and "not so fair and sensible" sex :-)We spend our time and effort on better things in life rather than estimating the "best" place and time to answer nature's call :P@Vikas: agreed on all points other than the office stuff 😉 Does your boss ask for status report and investment results when he is taking a leak next to you 😛

  5. nachu says:

    @Alok and Vikas: Looks like you guys are so proud of this :O Okie since you guys can never be stopped from doing this may be you guys should turn environment friendly and "leak" on all greens so that they get the naural urea-rich fertilizers 😛 and puhleeez do spare all the walls and pavements

  6. Red Handed says:

    pwahahahah loved it!Awesome style of writing. Gonna stalk you

  7. Yikes! post rocks. As ever, loved the words u pick.A snippet of a conversation in Loo for benefit fairer sex (I, Alok and boss, emptying parallely side by side, inline)Boss: "Good job u fixed the compiler inlining problem. So does the inlining happen in front end or back end?'Me:"Err…hmm…hmm…err..I think front end. Boss:"Ah thats interesting"Boss done with leakin and leaves. Alok and me still in loo done emptying.Me:"This is the 2nd time my boss asked me a tech question while leakin and I again tol the wrong answer"Alok:"What?"Me:"I just realized inlining happens in backend!!

  8. nachu says:

    @Ram: your comment literally had me rolling on the floor with laughter. And we, the supposed-to-be-fairer-sex never ever go through these "leaking-time" rapid fire technical discussions 😀

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