Love thy neighbour?

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Rants
After rigorous googling and ticket booking, Alok and me went on a trip to wayanad with a wedding as an excuse. It was not one of the best laid plans, neverthless it all turned out fine as we enjoyed our errs. Coming back home, the empty refrigerator and dusty floor greeted us and yup, the FB account was updated with the pics and followed by oohs and aahs from fellow freinds.

Turning the wheels of time back, vacation was synonymous to LFC, atleast in my household. Much research was done on “terms and conditions” of LFC. And my father would just walk around the place and ask few “chettas” and plan the day (Yup, even my parents took me to Kerala often).

And yes, the empty refrigerator was there back then as well, but my mom would go to the next door neighbour for the half cup curd and the half litre milk that the neighbour must have got and saved. And then followed by a detailed account of the vacation.

Back to present, the neighbour is oblivious of my absence but ofcourse not about my presence. Yes, yes, yes, we still get the earth-shattering-news about neighbours from maid just like olden times and sure they must be hearing about us as well.

PS: No I did not borrow curd.
Blame the post on my increased curd consumption and the heap of  curd containers.

  1. srao says:

    Hasn't Kerala tourism awarded you and Alok with a lifetime tourist membership card as yet??

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