The H controversy and other trivia

Posted: November 19, 2011 in north south, Rants
At times when I muse about the North and South Indians, in a truly filmy way I feel there is a “*zameen aur Aasman ka difference” and yet when I relish the aaloo parathas, I realize it is just  a case of “same wine in different bottle”, the rest is still the same .

And when the  “*north ka sona puthar(NKSP)” migrate to the land of dosas and interact with the “*southern singham(SS)”,  there is a bit of disagreement,  amusement, and earth shattering discoveries.

*So hereafter  NKSP refers to our ideal north ka sona puthar as well in collective terminology and ditto for SS

 The most likely disagreement would be on “H”. NKSP  feels that SS sprinkle and overuse the Hs everywhere. Sounds cryptic?  Shwetha, Adithi, Kruthika, are all frowned upon by NKSP and says it should rather be Shweta, Aditi, Krutika and also accuses SS of mispronouncing Bhavna, Rakhee and says the B in Bhavna should be followed by a “huh” syllable. Yes, yes, yes SS tries hard to correct it through some rigorous yoga practice. Once the B syllable is out the SS tucks in his tummy and mustering all the strength, does a kapalabathi through mouth to stress the “huh”. NKSP rolls his eyes and gives up

NKSP says “Chaiiiin!!”. SS is completely bowled out and in utter confusion looks for cycle chain. Meanwhile, NKSP zips up his jacket and then everything falls in place and the “law of chains”  dawns on SS, i.e “chain == zip”

Plantain leaf – “Yes, Yes we SS use plantain leaf as plate at occasions and that means no cleaning up and the cows feast on the discarded leaves and the food remains, very eco-friendly ” explains SS with a beaming smile. NKSP muses ” why don’t you let the cows feast on the leaves in first place if that was the purpose?” 

When NKSP meets an elderly SS,
with all reverence he bends down — SS thinks NKSP has dropped something down
reaches for the leg of SS — SS backs off in utter shock

and mind you all this happens in a flash of a second.

And both NKSP and SS wonder when it comes to food habits,
SS – “Don’t you eat curd rice? okay, sambhaar?”
NKSP – “What is this brown water?” (Obviously, he is referring to the rasam served by some office caterer)

Above all are just trivia.
And when it comes to looking forward for the potato masala  inside the dosa/paratha and the ensuing curses that fly in air due to lack of potato, they are as alike as two peas in the same pod.

PS:  No, it was not my intention to put the men in limelight but when it comes to the north and south indian women, they get along so well, how do I put it, like aloo and mutter or urad and rice in batter

*zameen aur Aasman ka difference – starking difference
*NKSP – precious son
*SS – southern lions

  1. Swati says:

    hehehe, awesome post!There is the "la" consonant (the zh one in Tamil) too which NKSP can't pronounce and it is fun to get them say that 🙂

  2. plantain leaf part was very funny 😀

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