Posted: May 30, 2012 in The Bloke and I
 There seems to be lot of meticulously chosen words oozing out of this blog.Aren’t words supposed to originate from “spontaneous overflow of emotions recollected in tranquility”, Just like Wordsworth said (Lucky fellow, to get a name like that and to live up to  it and write such one-liners). Aah, how exquisite the word tranquility sounds. I would probably attain that tranquility, if I were to sit by a beach on a star-lit night, gazing at the sky with absolutely nothing to do. But, but it can’t be Marina beach. I do love  Marina beach, but that is not where I can attain “tranquility”. With the sundal paiyan and  love-lorn couples huddled  in the darkness and the smell of roasted corn cobs and the what-not that come along with the waves, there would be more interesting things to keep my mind occupied than tranquility. Probably, I should go to one of those exotic locations where all the heroines get stuck after a ship wreck . But how am I going to sate my tummy without any lover boy to fetch me those red shiny apples out of thin air. Before you go ahead and suggest about taking the better half  with me, let me tell you what happens with a store bought Banganapalli mango when the hero is around. First, the hero does not pick up those golden yellow ripe mangoes because they could have been treated with carbide!!! So he buys the greenish ones and then there is a indefinite waiting period for the mango to ripen. After this you would expect us to bite into the juicy fruit and savor every drop of it and then lick the last few drops off the lips like Katrina. Naah, that does not happen here. Rather the mango then gets soaked in water for quite some period until I lose my patience and then once the first bite is taken, there is always a debate if the Banganapalli is better or the malda(err… another variety of mango popular in you-know-where).  If only Adam had the traits of hero, I assure you we would have all been in Eden garden till date. 

As for the hero, I’m sure if he gets to cultivate all that he eats right under his nose and if he gets to drive a high-end car and probably a place to live in Kerala with a Nair tea shop at a stone’s throw, tranquility will descend on him. As for me, I can just hope that his tranquility is as contagious as his common cold infection he passed on to me last week!

  1. Alok says:

    Nice one Nachu. I think in the process of writing this interesting blog you would have achieved tranquility (By Achieveing Self-Actualization need in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs). By the way, when you are in tranquility state you would not long for the "red shiny apple" or the urge to bite off the juicy fruits "just like" Katrina 🙂 All the other needs like "Physiological" needs are long gone when you move up the hieararchy of needs 🙂

  2. nacu,loved the flow of your post from tranquility to malda and herogiri :)hero, dekh aur kuch seekh… mere aankhe pak gaye tera unupdated blog dekh ke..

  3. srao says:

    niceee! am just wondering if you could write this well in a not_so_tranquil state, what could we expect in the tranquil state! 🙂

  4. Swetha says:

    Ah nachu! I dint know you could write so well.! OKay – I don't know much about you. :)I second the comment above mine, if you were to live in one of those exotic islands for an indefinite period, what would happen then. Btw well written. 🙂

  5. Grace says:

    wow Nachu, what a flow of words expressing your thoughts..I like the stay in Eden part..haha

  6. meeraganesh says:

    The ever elusive tranquility… I find it by way of looking at the stars (or clouds, as is mostly the case in my part of the world) after the rest of the family has gone to sleep 🙂

  7. […] the last time I was in search of tranquility, this probably is the place one could start looking for it. […]

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