The long forgotten heroine

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Uncategorized
Reading about Santhi, I ended up with a lump in my throat and total hatred for the society and the world.

How a girl from a hamlet is expected to be knowledgeable about X and Y chromosome and Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome.
And if her condition gave a advantage over others, Then the screening should have been done much early in the games. BTW, are not other physical traits like height weight supposed to give advantage over one another? Why can’t this also be one such thing?

And as long as she is not masquerading and has been brought up as a woman why can’t she stay that way and be accepted? And as a society, aren’t we well known for slanderous statements and curious stares. Such a report from the west and the media frenzy, would have set the rumor mill churning endlessly in the small town of Kathakkurichi.

Santhi, from the lower economic strata, she found her savior in her limbs and chased her dream. She ran, she slogged and above all she believed. Believed in her strength that came from the days of starvation, in her blistered feet that ran around the brick kiln, in her spirit that was chiseled by her poverty. And, we, the society proved her wrong. We pushed her down and accused her of her identity. A identity that was ingenuous, unfazed. We showed her that this nation isn’t a place to nurture a dream.

When Caster Semenya received  a heroine’s welcome after the negative gender test, our nation and media just buried Santhi!


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