Random Rangamma

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Brevity is my cup of tea

“Random Rangamma” – doesn’t it sound like a super Desi alliteration? And Rangamma is a name I associate with a witty and bold woman and the first image that flashes in my mind at the sound of this name is actress Manorama. Now that you have a idea of my Rangamma, let me move on to my random rants in bullets.

  • I almost flinch when I speak to people about Bangalore weather. With every passing year, I tell people how pleasanter the previous year was! Probably fading memory? or may be it is a delusion. And interestingly, many people told me the same thing when I was new to Bangalore.
  • I can no longer recall my exact age. I need to do a quick calculation to get it right. And I realized that I don’t age by year anymore but I age by bands.Early-twenties, mid-twenties, late-twenties!! Get it? So this year, getting older and wiser doesn’t seem to bother me. 
  •  For the first time,  the entire dish I cooked had to be thrown away without even a morsel being consumed. Not that I’m a great cook, but I’m not that bad either. Milestone, indeed. More on it later, hopefully.
  • Too much of sleep doesn’t seem to get along well with my body or mind. Strange, isn’t it?
  •  Brevity is my cup of tea.
  •  I wish I could socialize like a kid. Speak about school, friends, novels and then wind up with a game.
  •  I strongly believe my mood  is directly proportional to the quality of coffee in the facility!
  • One of my friends, has those super cozy and comfy  bean bags in office. Needless to say, I’m green with envy.


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