The ‘bitter’ disaster

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Rants
The other day me and Alok decided to act responsible and planned to get vegetables. We made the usual purchase, onions, tomatoes and after a moment of guilt, added the potatoes on to the purchase and after a big time guilt attack, a pack of  paneer. We were almost done when the hero nudged me. I followed his line of sight, half expecting someone interesting. To my horror, he was looking at the bitter gourd.  We looked at each other and all the promises and the vows to eat healthy that were taken at a vulnerable moment played in our mind. And the next instant I grabbed the bitter gourd and moved on to the billing queue.

Coming back home, I knew I could probably dodge the gourd  into the refrigerator and kiss it goodbye.
But then it was a strange day, and as though the bitter gourd took possession of my body and soul, in a haze I took into to the kitchen counter top and chopped it meticulously. And then it was time for a brain wave and I thought I could probably make a new dish and started googling for recipes until I came across one which seemed like a perfect combo. It was a Kerala Karela recipie and I knew I could sell it to the hero in the name of Kerala. And moreover, the recipe included a coconut gravy and for a change, I had everything that I needed in my refrigerator and so I plunged into my plan headlong.

There were other tasks to be completed but I ignored them all. After twenty minutes, the dish was near completion when Alok peeped in. He had one look at it and offered to cook some dal. But by then my pride had got in the way and I declined the offer. At last it was the time to eat and that is when I deserted all my vanity and pride. Even if someone had held a gun to my head, I wouldn’t have eaten another morsel of it. And I was just too tired to coax the hero into eating it.

It was quite late by then. I knew I had to dump all the food. I did feel guilty and yes, the images of poverty stricken children flashed in my mind. But this food was hardly palatable and that was the only consolation and with a heavy heart, I dumped it all.

Strangely enough, I felt happier after accomplishing the ‘unthinkable’, as though a big heavy ‘bitter gourd’ was lifted off my shoulder. I felt lighter. No longer, I had to eat something unpleasant for health and longevity!

And as always, Maggi came to our rescue.

  1. srao says:

    awesome read! ๐Ÿ™‚ That you even ventured into making something out of karela is noteworthy!!!this reminds me i had to throw away Maggi once! can you beat that ๐Ÿ˜› After almost 3 years gap I had ventured into making Maggi and that too on a stove. I couldn't judge whether "2" mins on stove flame was enough and wasn't comfy to needle the noodle to check whether it is cooked. And after turning off the stove, found that it wasn't cooked properly. With no more match sticks and laziness to work around the problem, I ended up throwing the maggi (thankfully I had left some raw maggi to munch on which served as dinner :P)

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