Sustain the rage till the end!

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
The sad state of the country came to forefront with the gruesome incident forcing us to give up our illusion. Things have been steered from then to the famous retirement, theek hai, the blame-game and many other insensitive remarks that caused ripples all over.

While we are asking for justice, will that bring a closure? A death penalty? And then probably celebrate it and forget? All those who say that the punishment will instill fear, read this. There was public outrage and the so called justice was delivered soon enough and this happened last year. But did it change anything? Though the rage is a welcome change compared to the indifference, let it not consume us. The rate at which the rape cases and the “rarest of the rare” cases are increasing, we may soon need billboards that read “Don’t grope”, “Assaulting a woman could result in castration”.

I’m not blaming the movies for what is happening but the movies do give us the reflection of the society Exactly the way the movies of this decade reflect the illusion that we all have in our mind about zero – groping, about women staying out in night or going to pub without worrying about the rapists and the moral policing. I digress. If you have watched any of the 80’s movies or the early 90’s probably, every ‘sister’ character in the movie got raped. And in all these movies either she was married off to the rapist  or she hanged herself off the ceiling or ended up her life in self-immolation and in that case the hero would go off for ‘revenge’. How many movies depicted the girl going to the police station to report it and then carry on with her life without the shame enforced on her? I don’t know if that is possible but have we ever tried advising it to people? Incase of rape, from time immortal, in our society the victim has been the one to undergo all the trauma, insecurity and the shame while the accused carries on with his business.

So what gives these scoundrels so much of confidence? The fact that the incident will be hushed? The surety that women will not complain? or the zero value for life in the country and the lack of  proper security? or we, the people? Yes, you heard me right. Our indifference. The fact that we don’t stand up for fellow citizens, we don’t call for police aid when someone else is in need, we don’t bother to stop a train when a women is assualted ?

 Let us not step back into our illusionary world until all of this is resolved. And no, death penalty is not a panacea


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