New year’s resolution

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Rants

It suddenly struck me that I no longer make any new year’s resolution. This is quite strange since I used to be so obsessed with the ‘resolutions’ in my pre-teens and teens. No, I never really followed the resolutions throughout the year but the resolutions were made earnestly. Like the promises that are eventually broken but are not meant to be broken.Trust me back then there seemed to be a world of difference between both.

Last time I took new year’s resolution, I was this puny, highly optimistic  kid  who made resolutions to read everyday than slogging just before the exam. And probably some more miscellaneous resolutions that I don’t even recall now. And with no more exams and philosophies like “Accept me for who I am”,  I have probably given up!

Though not exactly! I make these weekly resolutions in innocuous places like super market and I don’t even  tell it aloud in fear of being reminded of it by The Bloke(Okay this is is the 3rd name I have given to the better half in this blog). Like for example, to eat healthy. And to make sure I stick to it, I deceive myself with a bunch of  green leaves and sometimes like this. I even make sure I don’t look in the direction of processed food. Then after taking few rounds in the shop, looking quite lost and incomplete, I end up pushing a pack of Maggi in the cart and along with that I strike of the so-called “weekly resolutions” in my mind and keep it aside for the next week.

Isn’t that the best thing about doing it “weekly”! There is always another week that comes quite soon! So you can procrastinate without a pang of guilt. And you don’t have to commit to anything and try living up to it  for a year! Easier than all the trouble!


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