And we huffed, and we puffed until we laughed!

Posted: January 16, 2013 in The Bloke and I, Travel

Anyone who knows  The Bloke and me well, would vouch for how besotted we are with Kerala!  The Bloke and I happened to visit Kerala to attend a friend’s betrothal. We instantly fell in love with the serene beaches, the people and their nasal language, their *Chaaya , the coconut grooves and the lush greenery.

A year later, we came back once again with a hotel reservation and no itinerary. We strolled around. Asked strangers for restaurants and paths and chose public transport.  We entrusted our lives in the hands of the driver. With the steering wheel in one hand and our lives in other, he snaked through the winding roads in the mountain. It was a joy ride.

In a quaint old  tea shop, over a cup of Chaaya our plan for the day was sketched and led us to Edakkal caves.  It was quite a hot day. The sun was high and so were our spirits. We started our ascend towards the caves. Half way through, I was out of breath. I cursed The Bloke for carrying the backpack. I blamed my slow progress on the extra luggage and the camera. But I knew well that I couldn’t have managed even without them.  We stopped now and then to take in the sight of wild plants and exotic views  and well, to take in breath.

Final set of steps? Probably no!

Final set of steps? Probably no!

We reached the caves after our laborious effort. Within the cave there is a tank that gets filled with a steady thin stream of water. The water was quite soothing.

The descent was quite a piece of cake. We glided down effortlessly. Mid way, we were stopped and questioned multiple times  by others who were climbing. They wanted to know the distance. At first, The Bloke and I ended up disagreeing over the exact distance while people walked off in disdain.  Later, we took turns to answer and made peace.

We had almost reached the bottom of the hill when someone approached us. “Pakkamo?” he asked with hope and out of breath. We laughed out aloud once he was out of sight.

*Chaaya – Kerala tea

*pakkamo – is it nearby?

ps: I still wonder what made us laugh so much? Our ordeal? Or probably coming across someone who was in same state as we were in, sometime back? And yes, “Pakkamo” probably is the only Tamil word, The Bloke understood instantaneously without translation.


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