Posted: January 29, 2013 in The Bloke and I

I was hoping to write about how different yet similar The bloke and me are and midway I realized that I would never be able to express the similarity in words.  For one, the obvious ones are few and  then the not so obvious ones are inexplicable and difficult to comprehend. As I mostly do, I shucked the post aside. After looking at  Pepper’s post, I  decided to go ahead with JUST the ‘differences’!

The Bloke and I are from different ethnic groups. We speak different languages. We probably belong to different races as well.  Dig deeper, you will find that our interests and ways are strikingly different. We bonded over our differences.   But along with bonding, laughter and love, our differences also attract persuasions and  hair pulling arguments 😉 !

The Bloke is a movie addict.  He never walks out of a movie and considers it a heinous crime. He is the kind of addict who loves all genre and has a “Language no bar” placard and uses quotes like  “The only morality in the cruel world is chance” and other equally profound and philosophical ones for every silly thing. See, he absolutely loves his movies. I like movies in moderation but in overdose, I get irritated. For me, it is a precious weekend that is lost!

To me, cooking is a chore that I need to get done with as soon as possible unless it is a weekend. The Bloke relishes cooking and that actually is his idea of  relaxation. A stress buster activity that needs to be carried out even when there is not even a faint trace of such stress.   I urge him to decide on a one-pot meal and on the contrary, he fancies cooking the  okra accompanied with thinly sliced carrot saute in olive oil.

I am a light traveler. Mostly, I travel with just one backpack that I can accommodate in my seat. However, The Bloke packs for all seasons! Okay, he doesn’t actually pack but rather flings  his clothes into the bag.  Once we even carried sweatshirts on our trip to Chennai!! And given that most of our packing is done in the nth moment, I don’t have the patience to talk sense into him. I try to persuade him. The sight of heavy luggage gets on my nerves. We squabble. We end up fussing over it.

Mostly, I take time to warm up to a crowd unless it involves my gang of friends. The Bloke is just the opposite and quite social. He can dish out anecdotes and laugh heartily. Not just with the extroverts but he can also pull people out of their shells and engage them in long conversations and make them feel comfortable.  Sometimes I’m left with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside when he does it all so effortlessly and then there are times when I wish I was like him.

As you see, the list is endless.

I contemplated over our similarities. I raked my brains and then gave in and asked The Bloke. “We are ‘naturally’ lazy”, he replied. I rolled my eyes. Yes, we are lazy. In our house, the stack of folded clothes never find their way to the closet. Both of us race to disappear from the kitchen when it is time to clean the counter top.  My tolerance level with clutter is high. The bloke’s level is a notch higher!  He can fish out a shirt with eyes closed and under a second from a messy wardrobe but if the same is stacked and sorted, he would be clueless. I wish one of us was more organized.   Every time I see the clutter, I end up wishing we were different!

  1. I so loved your blog name that I had to just come by 🙂 Enjoyed reading about you and your bloke for starters.
    Cleaning the kitchen counter – tell me about it! I always always wish we were different too 😛 I am getting there slowly. It took me a lot of deep breaths though 😛

  2. Hey, came here while blog hopping today 🙂 Loved reading this post.
    Clutter – I so relate to it. I sometimes wish one of us was more organised too 🙂

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