Posted: May 13, 2013 in Rants, Uncategorized

There is oodles of work to be completed but I don’t want to even list it out. I feel drained and my mind is all foggy, I am content lying down, doing nothing.  A cup of coffee might do the trick, I think. But there isn’t any milk at home. So here I am. No, not for the milk but for the trick that I mentioned. The Bloke is in the next room on a call. He seems to be slogging through tall mounds of work. I wonder how he manages to be awake. Aren’t you awake as well, you ask. Well, when it comes to sleep, we are at the two different ends of the spectrum. He sometimes even dreams about sleeping!  While I’m mostly insomniac and sleepless,  The Bloke is usually knocked out even before the lights are out. This precisely is the reason you should have girl pals around! Even in the middle of night, they would patiently answer your silliest questions like “Are you awake?”. So while The Bloke is in his REM state, I twitch and toss listening to all unearthly sounds outside which happens mostly to be the sound of dogs barking. What is so unearthly about it? If you have been sleepless for couple of nights, you would know exactly what I mean. They sound almost like a well co-ordinated orchestra. No, I am not kidding. What starts as random dogs growling at equal intervals proceeds on to chorus after sometime and dies down in the wee hours of morning and the change is so gradual that trust me, at times you can guess the time based on it. No, I am not exaggerating. Anyway, I digress. So, you see why I am so surprised that he is awake. I am all set to take my sweet revenge. I am in a rush to laze and slip into that enticing sleep.  I think, it is all Karma and for once I am happy about it 😉 .  I hope the call continues until the chorus lasts!

  1. I agree at the dogs part, at my maiden home, the orchestra used to end somewhere around four in the morning every single day.

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