The ‘doubt-struck’ wife

Posted: June 5, 2013 in The Bloke and I, Uncategorized
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The past two months were just too bland, punctuated with deadlines and the days whizzed by. The Bloke was equally busy. Or, probably busier.And at times, when I decided to push the work aside and took time to laze around, I tried to write. But I went blank  and  mostly ended up  sleeping with the laptop beside me.  And along with me, the draft as well went dormant.  Now, I guess the mayhem is over. I mean the work and deadlines.

Two months back, when there was a lot happening (comparatively, that is), I missed updating about few things. Actually, I completely missed writing about my travel to places half way across the globe! It was quite a short trip and we had just one day for sight-seeing and rest of the time, The Bloke slogged in office and I worked from the hotel. Even now, that travel seems so unreal that if  The Bloke ever told me that it was all a dream, I would believe him. Erm.. okay, he may have to delete all those pictures that we took at Golden gate bridge.

The Bloke had to travel for work and I never even thought of accompanying him but he had different plans altogether. I planned on staying with her while The Bloke would be away. But as luck would have it, she relocated and moved out of  Bangalore!

“See, you are destined to come along with me”, The Bloke yelled. I dismissed him off. No, we are not that philosophical about ‘destiny’ but we are those complete duds who use ‘destiny’ to even decide on the place for dinner.  Mostly, destiny helps us in the forms of traffic lights and rains!

Anyway, I digress. The reality struck me when we booked my ticket.  The entire flashback  of  my misplaced stay extension approval letter (from previous travel)came back to haunt me and someone had warned me that it was required for subsequent travel.   I spent sleepless nights after that, waking up all sweaty and parched from nightmares of being deported. Erm.. okay, that was in March and that explains the sweat and thirst.  But the nightmare would always end before the climax.  I was always left wondering if The Bloke would join me back or if he would continue with this work and travel!  It was after rigorous ‘Google’ search’, I realized I was misinformed.

So, just like usual, we packed on the day of travel and at The Bloke’s insistence, reached airport  much much earlier.  It was a long flight. At times, The Bloke and I stretched and walked around and I saw so many fellow passengers flirting with the air hostess and boring them to death that now I can very well write a book titled, “How to flirt under 30 seconds”. Seriously!

Once it was our turn at the immigration check, I duly went along with The Bloke. While he explained the nature of his travel and work in many words, I just added, “I am accompanying him on his travel” and dished out the marriage certificate.  “So, you don’t trust your husband?”, the immigration officer  asked and burst into a peals of laughter. My jaws dropped to the floor. I was dumbstruck and bewildered. The Bloke joined him and my expression was quite a sight, I believe. While I was still retaining my composure, the stamped passports materialized out of nowhere and The Bloke ushered me out.

  1. Oooho wow! Travelling! Tell us more, tell us more! 🙂

    • Filter Kaapi says:

      Ermmm… Most of our time was spent on work.. So we just did the routine of visiting Golden gate bridge and nothing. And since it was US, we couldn’t even do our usual routine of exploring the neighborhood to find the nicest tea kadai. Hmph!

  2. Pepper says:

    Travel sounds interesting. Where is detailed travel post?

    • Filter Kaapi says:

      Ermmm… Most of our time was spent on work.. So we just did the routine of visiting Golden gate bridge and nothing more.. After reading about Lake Tahoe in your blog, I so wanted to visit that place but we had to shoot it all down since we had absolutely no time! 😦 Next time, hopefully

  3. Smita says:

    I LOL at that guy’s comment!!! 😀 Sorry couldn’t help it!!

    First tim here!! Don’t remember from which blog I landed here…I think Meera’s! But doesn’t matter 🙂

    • Filter Kaapi says:

      😀 I was always told to maintain such a straight face and stifle any cough or sneeze in front of the immigration officer, so when he cracked a joke and laughed, I was all dumb struck!

      I think I have seen your comments in many other blogs, probably we read the same blogs 😉 I am a grade lurker by nature!

  4. swati says:

    hahaha, awesome!

    BTW the title reminds me of Perry Mason books 😉

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