Hope and music

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hope and music springs in my washroom. Yeah, you read it right. We live in an old styled apartments which has a hollow shaft running through its length and the window of the washroom in some of the flats open into the shaft. Not a pleasant proposition, if you ask me but then every cloud has a silver lining and so does my washroom.

It all started a month back. It was just another Monday morning and I woke up grudgingly.  I stepped into the bathroom, expecting the blast of cold shower to fix my mood and spirit.  Yes, I am optimistic that way. Few minutes into the shower, I heard someone sing.  The sound of my shower drowned the lyrics. My curiosity was piqued. I turned the shower knob and listened intently.  The singer had a deep baritone and he was singing quite passionately. For the record, it was the song “Adhisayem (Ajooba?)”. Initially, I giggled. The turn of events made me feel a bit adventurous and sang few lines along with him. I did dream of a Jugalbandhi but then just a pause followed and then he again started from where he had left. Sigh!

Now, it has become a daily ritual to look forward to the “Shower song” and he is quite versatile and mostly sings my favorite numbers 😉 . And yes, our shower timings seem to coincide almost every day.  Sometimes, I try to put the face to the voice but then I guess ignorance is better and that way, I am left with just the song and my very own memories associated with it.  I was amused at how a familiar beat from the past could take you down the memory lane and leave you all elated.

It is not just me who is at the receiving end. The other day, The Bloke had a bad case of stomach flu.  He threw up the entire contents of his stomach. one look at it and anyone could very well reconstruct what we had cooked the entire day. Gross, I know. I told him there was nothing more to throw up and he could get some sleep. But then he was determined to throw up more and well, he did.  He popped a pill and I coaxed him but nothing helped. He threw up again and just when he finished, we heard voices(through the shaft, of course). Someone else was also throwing up. “His condition seems to be pretty bad. Looks like it is just seasonal?”, The Bloke said. I nodded. I totally didn’t understand  his reasoning. Actually, the fact that someone else in the building had the same condition was a bit worrying but the same thing seemed to make him think that it was trivial and he found solace in it. I let it be since he had changed his stance about throwing up all night and agreed to sleep. He woke up the next day, hale and hearty!

For all other times, when I hear someone brawl or fart, I turn on the shower knob and let the sound of water drown everything else.

  1. Really enjoyed reading this! I still can’t quite imagine how the building looksl ike but it is so awesome to dream of a jugalbandhi 😛 sometimes, we find solace in such strangely happy things!

    • Filter Kaapi says:

      I wrote a long reply but looks like my reply never surfaced. “Hollow shaft” is perhaps not the right way to describe.. It is like a hollow and opens up in the terrace and mostly closed with a wire mesh.. Since the hollow thing is in the middle, You wouldn’t find any difference in the building exterior. This used to be quite common in small apartments

      Glad you liked it 🙂
      “Strangely happy things” – exactly

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