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Ethnic identity probably is needed to provide a sense of belonging, self esteem, pride and oneness but in a so called “secular” union like ours, there isn’t a dearth of people with a vicious mind to use the same oneness to cultivate animosity and factionalism. But what appalls me even more is the way we fall for such baits, hook, line and sinker!

The beginning

Posted: October 26, 2012 in 55 words of fiction
She clenched her fists and screamed her lungs out as she was lifted and held in mid-air.  Then someone crooned in her ears and she wailed even louder and eventually fell asleep.

And that is how she spent the first day of her life!

The email

Posted: October 20, 2012 in 55 words of fiction
Unlike his wife, he had just started maneuvering into the world of internet. Few unintentional clicks and that is how he ended up checking his wife’s inbox . He clenched his fists as he read an unread email addressed to his wife from ‘cooldude17’ who had poured his heart in the mail.

He heaved a sigh of relief, guilt and shame as he read the last part of the email from Mr.cooldude25,
“Happy Mother’s day, mom!!”

Random Rangamma

Posted: October 10, 2012 in Brevity is my cup of tea

“Random Rangamma” – doesn’t it sound like a super Desi alliteration? And Rangamma is a name I associate with a witty and bold woman and the first image that flashes in my mind at the sound of this name is actress Manorama. Now that you have a idea of my Rangamma, let me move on to my random rants in bullets.

  • I almost flinch when I speak to people about Bangalore weather. With every passing year, I tell people how pleasanter the previous year was! Probably fading memory? or may be it is a delusion. And interestingly, many people told me the same thing when I was new to Bangalore.
  • I can no longer recall my exact age. I need to do a quick calculation to get it right. And I realized that I don’t age by year anymore but I age by bands.Early-twenties, mid-twenties, late-twenties!! Get it? So this year, getting older and wiser doesn’t seem to bother me. 
  •  For the first time,  the entire dish I cooked had to be thrown away without even a morsel being consumed. Not that I’m a great cook, but I’m not that bad either. Milestone, indeed. More on it later, hopefully.
  • Too much of sleep doesn’t seem to get along well with my body or mind. Strange, isn’t it?
  •  Brevity is my cup of tea.
  •  I wish I could socialize like a kid. Speak about school, friends, novels and then wind up with a game.
  •  I strongly believe my mood  is directly proportional to the quality of coffee in the facility!
  • One of my friends, has those super cozy and comfy  bean bags in office. Needless to say, I’m green with envy.

      55 words of fiction

      Posted: May 30, 2012 in 55 words of fiction
      She suddenly felt a hand moving swiftly over her legs. She stared at the men around her. “Could it be the guy in lower berth?”, she mused. Then it happened again. This time, she pounced on the ‘hand’ with all her might, but, alas, the eight legged arthropod evaded her clutches.