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Why this kolaveri

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Thanglish, The Bloke and I

On a quite boring and not so happening day, The bloke and I were pinging each other with quite dull questions like “whats up” and with equally meaningless answers like “ceiling”. Amidst this, The bloke would show off his Tamil prowess with words like “seri”,”apdiya” and sometimes he would delight me with enlightening thanglish couplets like “Say aama/to Amma” which translates to “Say ok to mom” (Yeah people, this must be the shortest couplet ever).

The madness continued for sometime and I was about to call it quits when The Bloke said “Unnai rumba izhanthu vittéan.”.  For the uninitiated, that translates to “I have lost you”. To say that I fell off the chair would be an understatement.  My first thought was that he had been tricked. But he assured that he wasn’t under any influence! All my efforts at trying to check if he knew what it meant proved futile! In return, he taunted me for not being well versed in Tamil.

I chose to remain silent lest I explode.  The Bloke expressed his disappointment over my lack of appreciation. By this time, I was was at my wit’s end over his “loss” and then he gave the website from where he had picked up that line.  Fortunately, to my utter disbelief , it read

I missed you so much!    —-  Unnai rumba izhanthu vittéan.

ps: Now, I break into a applause every time he gets “seri”/”aama” correct lest he refer to that damned website again!

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